S06E16 - Pelekinesis

GuestsL David Brukus, Susan I. Weinstein and Mark Givens

5 years ago

David Brukus joins us to talk about his non-fiction book “Under New Management.  Susan I. Weinstein talks about “The Anarchist’s Girlfriend” and Mark Givens from publisher “Pelekinesis” joins us to talk about Pelekinesis and some of the great books they are publishing!

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Under New Management by David Brukus. 
The Anarchist's Girlfriend by Susan Weinstein
Team of Teams by General Sa??
How To Fail At Almost Everything by Scott Adams
The Class - Kimberley G.
John - Wolf In White Van.
It's So Amazing (sex ed book).
Cradle And All - James Patterson.
Off To Be The Wizard by Scott Meyer

Published On October 9th, 2016.

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