S06E10 - Meet The Authors

Guests: Bill Powers, Benoit Chartier, Daniel C. Lorti, Scott Sawyer, Orlando Bru

This is the first of our soon to be monthly "Meet The Authors" specials where we chat with a great selection of interesting authors about themselves and their latest books!

This week we feature:

01:09  Bill Powers - Author of The Torch Is Passed (Fiction)

11:00  Benoit Chartier - Author of Red Nexus (Sci-Fi)

15:46  Daniel Lorti - Author of The Avignon Legacy  (Historical Fiction)

22:30  Scott Sawyer - Creator / Author of NORTH  (Comic Book)

33:27  Orlando Bru - First Time Author of Artificial Fear (Sci-Fi)


Author links and books:

Bill Powers
The Torch is Passed
The Pharm House

Benoit Chartier
Red Nexus

Daniel C Lorti
The AvignonLegacy

Scott Sawyer

Orlando Bru
Artificial Fear

Other books and movies talked about on this episode:
Art of Fallout 4
Make Me
Fear: The History of Political Ideas
Batman v Superman


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Published On August 10th, 2016.

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